Proving paternity

Successfully proving paternity in an inheritance dispute

Inheritance Disputes partner, Naomi Ireson, recently helped her client with proving paternity and consequently establishing his entitlement to an estate worth in excess of £400,000.

While his father was named on our client’s birth certificate, the administrator of the estate denied his paternity and therefore refused to distribute the estate to him.

Naomi collated substantial evidence and argued that there was a ‘presumption of parentage’ on the basis that his father was named on our client’s birth certificate.

Naomi invited the administrator to provide evidence to show he was not our client’s father. She also threatened to apply to revoke the grant of letters of administration and apply for a re-grant in favour of our client.

Witness statements were gathered and disclosed, together with other contemporaneous evidence. The evidence was overwhelming and the administrator conceded the argument. This resulted in our client receiving an inheritance worth in excess of £400,000.

Our client chose to privately fund the legal work and spent less than £2,000 on his legal fees. He was so pleased with the service, he left the following review:

“The brother of my grandfather died without children, and after a dispute with my family who said that I was not the son of my father, I read a very professional article written by Naomi Ireson that was very informative. I saw that I could ask some questions and her answer really helped. I later hired her and she resolved the accusation of my family. She is also very organized and is doing only what is necessary. Thank you for your work and to all the members of your team.”

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Proving paternity