Satisfied Inheritance Disputes Clients

  • William Brain ACMA – Gloucester

    “My case was difficult, but at all times I felt I was being given good advice and this resulted in a very satisfactory conclusion. I have dealt with many lawyers over the years but I can honestly say that Naomi Ireson is by far the best. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to my associates”

  • Clare Hollick – Mansfield

    “I cannot thank you enough for all your help in this matter as I know you have tried your very best through all the persistent correspondence to get a result. I also thank you for keeping the costs low for me. All you have done is greatly appreciated. I don't think another solicitor would have been this good and taken the time to listen to my side of the story as you have done. Thank you.”

  • MJ – Exeter

    "The whole episode was handled with tact and professionalism, but with a friendly, approachable manner."

  • PW – Kent

    "First class, up-to-date legal knowledge and skills"

  • PS – London

    "Very friendly and caring.  I was welcomed and had support given to me in dealing with my case.  I'm very happy with the outcome of the settlement.  You are all fantastic!"

  • H W – Oxford

    "Unrushed, well-informed and polite, faultless service.  Well done!"

  • KB – Milton Keynes

    "Slee Blackwell were excellent in every aspect, replying to correspondence, phone calls etc.  A very high standard.  You couldn't ask for any better." 

  • RC

    "I felt that Naomi dealt with my concerns in a speedy and professional manner.  I found the standard of service to be very satisfactory."

  • L A – Spain

    "Whenever Lee corresponded with me, he gave me confidence with his replies."

  • A J – South Wales

    "Mr Dawkins was the best solicitor I could have had dealing with my case.  Thank you."

  • ST – London

    "I'm writing to thank you for all the work you have done in gaining a fair settlement for me from my late wife's estate.  Without you and your firm, I would have walked away with nothing as I had no money to contest the will.  The settlement means that I can now buy a home back in Turkey and my future is secure."

  • W B – Gloucestershire

    "I'm writing to you to draw attention to the exceptional service which I have received from Naomi Ireson.  The case was difficult but at all times I felt I was being given good advice.  This resulted in a very satisfactory conclusion.  I have dealt with many solicitors over the years, but I can honestly say that Naomi is by far the best.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to my associates."

An important update from

We wish to reassure everyone that we are maintaining a full service during the coronavirus crisis.

All our lawyers are working hard for our clients and can be contacted by telephone, email and video.

We are continuing to operate our popular free legal helpline service on 0808 139 1595.

Enquires can also be sent to us at [email protected]