Executors Disputes

Executors disputes: What you can do when a dispute between executors arises

An executor is someone appointed by a will to administer the deceased’s estate after their death. A will can appoint up to four executors to act jointly. This provides opportunity for disputes to arise between the executors about issues such as to how the deceased’s estate should be distributed or managed.

If you are currently involved in a dispute with a fellow executor or if you feel that an executor should be made accountable for the way in which the estate of a loved one is being administered then we can advise you on possible solutions. This might involve applying to the court for removal or substitution of an executor from office.

Alternatively, if you are an executor and need guidance on your responsibilities or advice on how you can protect yourself from claims brought by beneficiaries, then we will be able to assist.

We always aim to achieve an out of court resolution of executors disputes where possible so as to minimise the costs to the estate and the parties involved. However, should it be necessary for the matter to be taken to court then our experienced lawyers will be able to maximise the chances of success on your behalf.

You will find on this site a number of helpful articles that have been written on executors disputes and the options available when these disputes occur.

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We specialise in dealing with executors disputes on a national basis. Call our free helpline on 0808 139 1599 for guidance. Alternatively you can email us at info@inheritancedisputes.co.uk