Funding a legal case can be a worry, which is why we have developed a range of funding options for inheritance dispute cases


No Win, No Fee

One of our most popular funding options is No Win – No Fee.

We offer two types of No Win - No Fee inheritance dispute funding arrangements:

1. A Conditional Fee Agreement, or CFA; and

2. A  Damages Based Agreement, or DBA.

Not all inheritance cases are suitable for No Win – No Fee funding, but we are always happy to consider potential CFA  and DBA claims under our FREE CASE ASSESSMENT service.

If we accept your inheritance case on a No Win – No Fee basis then we will not make a charge for the work we do if you lose your claim. If you win the case then we are enitled to receive payment. In the case of a CFA you pay the legal costs, together with a success fee. We will seek recovery of your legal costs from the opponent or the estate, but the success fee itself is not recoverable.

Legal expenses insurance

You may already have legal expenses inurance that will pay your legal fees and will will be happy to review your insurance arrangements to ascertain whether you have cover. If you do then No Win - No Fee inheritance dispute funding is unlikely to be required.

Legal expenses insurance may also cover you for any costs order made against you. If you don't already have this insurance and would like to be covered agaisnt an 'adverse costs order' then we can usually obtain insurance cover on a case-by-case basis.

Private funding and fixed fee limits

Not all cases are suited to No Win, No Fee funding and even in those that are it is sometimes necessary to undertake a certain amount of investigation in order to clarify the issues and gather the available evidence. In these situations legal services can be fundde on a private basis.

To make it easier for you to budget we are often able to work on a fixed fee basis where the work required is not open ended. Aleternatively we can set a fee limit which means we will work to a specific budget and not exceed the agreed amount.

In cases where No Win - No Fee inheritance dispute funding is not immediately available we are always happy to reconsider the case once investigations have been completed and then switch to No Win - No Fee funding if appropriate.

Deferred fees

Another popular funding option is our deferred fees scheme. This can be used where you know that you will eventually be receiving money from an estate, but require your legal costs to be funded in the meantime. 

You have nothing to lose by giving us a call to discuss your funding options on 0808 139 1599 or by sending an outline of your case to us at