Challenging your mother’s Will

Son successfully challenges his mother’s Will

Real-life case study about challenging your mother’s Will

Solicitor David Lees has helped a client to challenge the validity of his mother’s Will after he was disinherited.

The legal challenge was based upon the allegation that his mother lacked Testamentary Capacity and her Will was therefore invalid.

For a Will to be legally valid in England and Wales, the maker of the Will must have had the requisite mental capacity when the Will was made.

In this case, although our client’s mother’s estate was worth around £300,000, she completely wrote him out of her Will. The Will inexplicably favoured his twin brother and another sibling, along with friends of his mother.

His mother was suffering from mental health difficulties when she made her Will and we alleged that she lacked the required mental capacity to make a valid Will.

A formal legal challenge was made on the grounds of ‘lack of testamentary capacity’.

However, it was not necessary for us to issue formal court proceedings as an out of court settlement was reached by negotiation. Under the settlement our client received the sum of £82,000, which included payment of his legal costs.

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Challenging your mother’s Will