Inheritance case settles for sum close to £200,000

Inheritance dispute claim settled out of court for a sum close to £200,000

Inheritance dispute partner, Naomi Ireson, has settled another inheritance claim out of court.

The inheritance claim was brought by an adult son against his late father’s estate, after his father disinherited him in favour of a charity.

Naomi achieved a settlement sum for her client that was close to £200,000.

The claim had been strongly defended by the charity. It denied that the son had any need for financial provision from his father’s estate. It also questioned the nature of the son’s relationship with his father.

Court proceedings were issued against the charity under the Inheritance Act, but the claim was settled out of court soon after commencement, via a remote mediation.

Naomi dealt with the inheritance claim on a no win – no fee basis. This meant that our client incurred no expenses to achieve this phenomenal result.

Commenting on her success, Naomi Ireson said:

Our contesting Wills team has dealt with close to 20 mediations so far this year and has an excellent success rate. Mediation is much faster than court based solutions, and is also a cheaper option. While some mediations still take place in person, remote mediations by video link are becoming increasingly popular. Remote mediation means that people don’t have to travel, which saves both time and money. Some clients also like remote mediation because it means they do not need to meet their opponent, which is an important consideration in certain contentious probate cases where feelings and emotions are running high.” 

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Inheritance case settles for sum close to £200,000