Successful claim under the Inheritance Act

Success story of a real-life claim under the Inheritance Act

We have recently helped a client to make a successful claim under the Inheritance Act against his late father’s estate.

It was a particularly complex case. Our client was one of twelve beneficiaries. Each was due to receive a £25,000 legacy and 1/12th interest from the remainder of the estate, which had a total value £763,000.

After providing our client with a free assessment of his case, we agreed to take it on and work on a No Win – No Fee basis.

We attempted to negotiate a settlement with the estate, but agreement could not be reached. We therefore commenced formal court proceedings under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.

Once court proceedings had been issued the estate agreed to attend a mediation. Mediation is a form of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) in which the parties get together to explore the possibility of reaching an out of court settlement. We deal with a large number of mediations every year and in the vast majority of cases we are able to resolve the dispute on satisfactory terms for our clients. Not only is mediation quicker and less stressful that a contested trial, but it is also very much cheaper.

Until recently, mediations invariably took place in person. However, the greater use of video platforms such as Teams and Zoom has revolutionised the mediation process, with many now taking place virtually. This means that the parties do not need to meet face-to-face, and because no travelling is involved the process is much cheaper.

In our client’s case, his claim under the Inheritance Act was settled at the mediation and he received a substantial five-figure sum.

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Successful claim under the Inheritance Act