Sisters win No Win No Fee inheritance claim against father’s estate

Six-figure settlement for two sisters in No Win No Fee inheritance claim

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Naomi Ireson who heads up the team of lawyers at Inheritance Disputes has recently represented two sisters in a No Win No Fee inheritance claim against their late father’s estate.

Their claims were made under the Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependants) Act, which allows children (both minors and adults) to claim against their parent’s estate where it is felt that they have not been properly provided for in a Will, or under the intestacy rules.

The two sisters came to Naomi after having previously used a firm of solicitors in Cardiff. The Cardiff solicitors had been unable to resolve the claims and it had reached ‘crunch point’, where the only option was to take the step of issuing formal court proceedings.

Naomi offered to represent both daughters in the proceedings under a Conditional Fee Agreement — one of the most popular types of No Win No Fee inheritance claim funding available. The two sisters were delighted to be offered No Win No Fee funding, particularly in view of the costs risks involved when court proceedings are commenced. No Win No Fee funding removes the financial worries of bringing a legal claim and limits the client’s exposure to legal fees.

Within a matter of months of Naomi taking over the claim she succeeded in having the court proceedings stayed (put on hold) so that negotiations could take place to reach an out of court settlement.

Naomi undertook the negotiations with the solicitors representing the estate and was able to achieve a six-figure settlement sum for her clients. In addition, she also negotiated for the estate to pay the sisters’ legal costs.

Naomi’s clients were absolutely delighted with the outcome she achieved for them.

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Sisters win No Win No Fee inheritance claim against father’s estate