Excluded from a will

Son wins inheritance claim after being excluded from a will

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We have recently won an Inheritance Act claim brought by a son against his late father’s estate after being excluded from his will.

The claim settled through negotiation with our client receiving a five-figure sum, including payment of his legal costs.

Our client grew up on the farm belonging to his late father, providing assistance whenever required from as young as 10 years old.

Despite our client’s loyalties to his father and the farm, his father excluded him from his will, providing only for his siblings. The decision to exclude our client from the will was made on the basis that contact between father and son had decreased prior to the father’s passing.

The son was surviving on his modest income and sought advice from us regarding an inheritance from his father’s estate that he felt he had rightfully earned by helping on the farm.

We told him that he had a valid claim and took up his case against the estate.

We managed to negotiate a settlement sum sufficient to enable our client to pay off some debts and renovate his own land, allowing him to begin farming and producing an income for himself.

Our client was pleased that the matter was settled without the need for court proceedings and is grateful to be able to move on with his life

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Excluded from a will