Daughter’s claim against stepmother

Daughter wins will claim against stepmother

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Her father had left his entire estate to his second wife (our client’s stepmother). Our client felt this was unfair and contacted us about making a will claim under the Inheritance Act.

Her case was based on the fact that she had maintained regular contact with her father in the years leading up to his death. Her stepmother denied this, arguing that the daughter had had no contact with father for decades since moving to live abroad.

We nevertheless took the case on and agreed to work on a no win, no fee basis.

Our client was an adult who was capable of working, which is something that the Inheritance Act takes into account. However, she was living in Indonesia on a very low salary and therefore we felt we could make out a case for her having need for financial provision from her father’s estate

We presented her claim on the basis that if she received an inheritance it would enable her to relocate to England to restart her life here and improve her financial position.

After submitting her claim, the stepmother agreed to enter into negotiations on reaching an out of court settlement of the will claim. This resulted in an agreement which provided for the daughter to receive a five figure sum, plus her legal costs being paid.

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Daughter’s claim against stepmother