What’s my inheritance claim worth?

Valuing an inheritance claim 

As specialist inheritance dispute solicitors one of the most common questions we get asked is, ‘What’s my inheritance claim worth?’ If you require guidance on what your inheritance claim is worth then contact our helpline for a free assessment.

Factors affecting the value of an Inheritance claim

The value of a claim under the Inheritance Act depends on a variety of factors, including:

1. the value of the estate;

2. your financial needs;

3. the needs of other beneficiaries;

4. the relationship between the you and the deceased.

Free assessment of the value of your Inheritance Act claim

Because there is no set amount that you can expect to recover in an Inheritance Act claim, we offer a free case assessment service. This will enable us to look at the specific facts of your case and give individual guidance.

If you supply us with details of your case then we will offer guidance on what your inheritance claim could be worth. Please bear in mind that in order to assess what your inheritance claim is worth we will need as much information as possible about the value of the estate, your financial position and the finances of any other party who is seeking a share of the estate.

Is it true that adult children are entitled to 10% of their parents’ estate?

A number of high profile inheritance cases have resulted in a common belief that an adult child is entitled to at least 10% of the net value of their parents’ estate.

However, because every inheritance claim is fact specific and there are so many variables, there is no fixed sum or percentage. Every case is different and there is a wide range of outcomes

How we can help with your inheritance claim

If you are wondering, ‘What’s my inheritance claim worth?’ then please contact our experienced inheritance dispute team on 0333 888 0407 for a free review or drop us an email at [email protected]

What’s my inheritance claim worth?