Son Wins Claim For Family Farm Promised To Him By His Father

Family farm claim

A farmer’s son has been awarded the sole ownership of a farming business, on the basis that it had been promised to him many years before. If you are looking for experienced solicitors to deal with a family farm claim based on broken promises who are able to work on a No Win, No Fee basis then call our free legal helpline on 0333 888 0407 or send us an email.

The father at the centre of this family farm claim is still living, but is mentally incapacitated. The son had worked on the family farm in Wiltshire since he was a young man, receiving modest pay for his efforts. In 1998 he was made a salaried partner by his father, becoming a full equity partner in 2003. However, by 2008 the father had begun to exhibit the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. As a result the son was required to assume greater responsibility for running the farm.

Unfortunately his father’s mental decline led to rows occurring. This in turn resulted in the father making a new Will, the terms of which disinherited the son. The son therefore launched a legal claim, alleging that his father had specifically promised him the farm such that he had every expectation of receiving the whole farm and the farming business in due course.

It was in reliance on these promises that the son devoted his working life to looking after the farm and the business. The family farm claim was defended and reference was made to the Will as proof that the father had changed his mind about his son’s entitlement to the farm.

The son argued that his father had been acting under the influence of his wife. The son didn’t get along with the wife, who was keen for their daughter to receive a share of the business.

The court accepted the son’s claim to his father’s share of the farming asset. It was ordered that the partnership between father and son should be dissolved. However the court ruled that the father and his wife should continue to occupy the farmhouse and receive an income of £200 a week from the farming business, together with health and care costs.

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Son Wins Claim For Family Farm Promised To Him By His Father