Inheritance disputes and DNA tests

DNA tests for inheritance disputes

DNA tests for inheritance disputes are becoming increasingly common. If you are involved in an inheritance dispute and would like to know more about DNA testing then call us or send an email to [email protected]

DNA tests for inheritance disputes are sometimes required because fathers are not always named on their child’s birth certificate making paternity uncertain.

When is a DNA test helpful in an inheritance dispute?

When paternity is unclear it can present difficulties for a child who wishes to make an inheritance claim against their father’s estate. When this type of inheritance disputes arises DNA testing can be used to prove paternity and remove any doubt about the child’s legal entitlement.

Who needs to be tested?

DNA tests for inheritance disputes will require two participants: the child who wishes to establish paternity and a blood relative of the deceased father.

The second test will not be necessary if the father’s DNA is already held on file.

The two most common blood relative tests are the sibling test and the relationship test.

Testing siblings

The sibling test establishes whether two people have the same mother or father. The test can identify whether individuals are full siblings (sharing the same biological mother and father) or half siblings (sharing just one biological parent,).

Testing other relations

The relationship test establishes whether two individuals are related. This can link grandparents to grandchildren, or uncles and aunts to nieces and nephews.

How is a DNA test carried out?

A DNA test is usually carried out using a mouth swab. The testing agency will then analyse the swabs and provide us with a report confirming the results. It isn’t necessary for the two people being tested to live in the same country as testing can be carried out worldwide.

What does DNA testing cost?

DNA tests for an inheritance dispute can cost up to £500, but prices do vary from clinic to clinic. The costs can often be paid by the deceased’s estate

Is a DNA test always necessary?

DNA testing is not always required in an inheritance dispute where paternity is an issue as this case study illustrates.

How we can help

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Inheritance disputes and DNA tests