Defending an inheritance claim

Case study of a successful inheritance claim defence

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Partner, Naomi Ireson, is experienced in defending inheritance claims. In this case study she looks at how she helped a beneficiary who was facing a multi-party inheritance claim.

The inheritance claim had been brought by the deceased’s surviving wife. It involved a high net worth estate, valued in excess of £1 million.

The claim was brought against all the beneficiaries named in the husband’s will. This included his children, his grandchildren and a number of charities. There were 15 parties in total defending the inheritance claim.

Naomi also represented our client in a related pension dispute.

The inheritance claim was commenced even though the wife had been provided for under her late husband’s will. However, she alleged that his will failed to make sufficient financial provision for her.

Court proceedings can get expensive, so we often attempt to resolve disputes out of court wherever possible. Legal costs can be a particulary important consideration when defending an inheritance claim.

In this case the parties agreed to go to mediation. At mediation they were able to reach an agreement on how the estate should be divided. The pension dispute was also settled at the mediation.

This was a particularly complex inheritance claim given:

  • the value of the estate;
  • the number of parties involved; and
  • the history of the relationship between the parties.

Mediation is perfectly suited to dealing with inheritance claims and all the parties in this case were content with the outcome that was eventually reached.

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Defending an inheritance claim