Inheritance Dispute lawyers asked to help ITV

ITV are making a programme about inheritance disputes and have asked us to assist.

They would like to speak to anyone who has had experience of an inheritance dispute and is willing to share their experiences and opinions.

ITV completely understand that they are dealing with sensitive issues and have given us an assurance that they will treat these matters with utmost respect.

If you are able to help then please call Lee Dawkins on 0808 139 1599 or email him at
[Although this item was published by us some years ago we are often contacted by media outlets wishing to focus on the area of inheritance disputes. In most cases the sensitivity of the subject matter does not lend itself to exposure on television, but occasionally parties do desire publicity and if your situation is one which you think is likley to be of interest to a television production company then do feel free to contact us as we may be able to put you in touch with the right people within the broadcast media]