Inheritance Claim: Cohabitee wins her case against partner's estate

Inheritance claim lawyer, Naomi Ireson, has been successful in a claim brought on behalf of a cohabitee

The inheritance claim was made by our client, Mrs M, against the estate of her late partner and cohabitee.

Mrs M was in a relationship with the deceased for over 10 years. The deceased died intestate (without a Will) and his net estate was valued in the region of £175,000. Under the intestacy rules the deceased's son was entitled to receive the entire estate.

The claim was robustly defended by the deceased’s son who insisted that he receive his full entitlement under the rules of intestacy even though his father failed to make financial provision for his long term partner.

The deceased and Mrs M had lived together in the deceased’s house. During their time together the deceased had financially supported her and she had become dependant upon him. As such, following his death we argued Mrs M had a clear housing need and limited income.

We dealt with the inheritance claim on a No Win - No Fee basis as Mrs M was otherwise unable to afford her bring her case.

We entered into correspondence with the son’s solicitors. It initially looked as though we would need to commence court proceedings, but an out of court settlement was reached at the 11th hour. This provided Mrs M with the right of occupation to remain in the deceased’s house for the rest of her life rent-free, a lump sum award and payment of her legal costs.

This was an excellent result for Mrs M and provided her with reasonable financial provision together security for her future.

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